Please meet Alfred Eeltink, global head of hospitality at Fresh Bed Hotels. Alfred started his hospitality career when he graduated from the University of Maastricht, (Class of 1993) with a masters degree in Economics. He has been a big supporter of the EMCup for quite some time now, but he still brings as much spirit and inspiration as he did at his very first day getting involved in the EMCup.


Being heavily involved in the EMCup competition, Alfred states that the EMCup is an event that every hotel management school should attend due to the networking advantages. He also aspires that the competition remains a ´must-go´ event that continues to connect hospitality professionals in the future.


Alfred’s life motto is, ¨Stay curious and explore¨. 

Staying positive is very important to Alfred and he shared an interesting statement on how he motivates himself daily and deals with a bad day. he mentioned, ¨I take a cold shower first thing in the morning and when I have a bad day, I Just get over it, bad days don’t last forever¨. Lastly, Alfred said if there was one tip he could give his younger self  5-10 years ago it would be: ¨Just Do it¨


Goals and objectives are things we all want to achieve in life but a bucket list is just as important. We learned that at the top of Alfreds bucket list is to spend some time in Italy to enjoy the Dolce Vita.