Anke Maas, HR director at Leonardo Hotels and a public law graduate from the University of NordRhine Westfalia in Germany. (Class of 1991). 


Anke and Charles (initiator of the EMCup) are good friends, and a few years ago Charles tried to convince her to join the EMCup as a business partner. Nevertheless, Anke was hesitant for two years, but after a few invites, she finally joined and says: ¨after my first event, I fell in love¨


Anke´s life motto is “Ich bin des Lebens immer froh – was kommen soll, kommt sowieso”. This is a german wording and has the meaning “Every day is a happy day, what is to come, comes anyway”. She also mentions: ¨I often tell myself that my problems are luxury problems. It is not about life or death, it is just something that might be a challenge, but it is on me to deal with it and to change either my approach or adjust myself to the situation¨. Some people will debate that self-motivation is the key to success. However, how do you do this when you’re having a bad day? Anke remedy: ¨Sleep one night and the next day is a happy day again¨. If there is one tip Anke could give to her younger self it would be: ¨Do not be fearful¨.


Anke expresses that in the flow of the two days, every moment is special. There is so much positive energy in the air that after day two, you feel alive: “Pumped with energy for whatever might come”. Anke also values the EMCup to the point she recommends that for the near future, an alumni group should be formed for the students so they can follow up on their career paths and stay connected with one another.