Arie graduated Summa Cum Lauda from the University for Tourism and Leisure Studies in Breda (The Netherlands). He continued his student career abroad, at the Duke University in the United States where he completed his Executive MBA. Finally, he went to the London Business School in the United Kingdom. One thing was sure: he loved being abroad.

The start of a new adventure

Arie was a SVP (Senior Vice President) for Laureate Hospitality Education in Switzerland when he was approached by Charles van Goch who is the chairman of the Advisory Council of the EMCup. They had a meeting where Arie got introduced to the competition and everything around it. When Charly asked Arie to become a council member, he accepted the offer with pleasure. “It is a great initiative to bring young international hospitality students into a nice competition.” Arie is convinced that the EMCup will have a fresh start in 2022 and will continue its succesful path.

EMCup kick-off

Arie’s life motto is “half luck, half brain“. Basically, whatever you decide to do, the result that comes out of it is usually half because of yourself, common sense and your actions, and half due to luck or coïncidence. This is why, when he has a bad day, Arie just says to himself “there will be new opportunities tomorrow“, keeping in mind luck may turn that day. He also motivates himself daily “by getting up early to have a bright start.

What is your future?

We asked Arie what is still on his bucket list. As mentioned before, Arie has always loved going abroad. This is why he would love to go back to his favourite trips which were to Japan, China and Namibia where he made some really good memories. He cannot wait for the travel restrictions to be released.
Furthermore, if he could give his younger self a tip so the future would be better, he would say “you can reflect on the past but never change decisions taken at that time“. So, learn from mistakes but do not let them become an obstacle for your future.

Arie is surrounded by many other interesting Advisory Council members and the next one – Stephanie Jameson – will be introduced to you soon. Stay tuned!