Bjorn is an alumnus from NHL Stenden University Leeuwarden and graduating class of 2000 in International Hospitality Management. A fun fact that Bjorn gave us was, before Stenden University, the school was previously called CHN Leeuwarden.

A healthy body and a steady mindset

For Bjorn, It’s very important that maintaining good health and keeping a steady mindset is key to unlocking one’s potential. Bjorn say’s, “Whatever you do and whatever your choices will be, make sure that your health and those of your loved ones also are on top of mind”. “That way, certain decisions are made so much easier and you don’t lose your focus on what’s truly important in life”. To not lose focus we need active self-motivation. 

From the words of Bjorn, “It’s the small things really, on a personal level, starting every day to have breakfast with the three most important women in my life, my wife and two daughters. On a professional level knowing that I can actively support our Team Members with their personal/professional development within Hilton”. Having a bad day can seem like the end of the world but how do you bounce back? “Just realise what’s really important in life and accept that having a bad day is not a bad habit or bad thing. Just as long as you have more positive days, you’re good to go”.

How it all started and where it’s going

Bjorn has been a part of EMCUP from as early as the first edition. Being an advocate for Radisson SAS/BLU, IHG, and Hilton for the past 20 years, he’s been the bridge for bringing talent to the industry. Bjorn expresses that EMCUP is a great way to build your professional network and to meet peers and industry representatives. Plus it’s great fun to see so many enthusiastic students, lecturers, and industry representatives in one event, ensuring me that the hospitality industry still is the best place to start and build a strong and lasting career. In Bjorn’s opinion, the EMCup is the leading Hospitality University Event/Competition in Europe where participants will walk away with lasting and valuable experiences that will support the kick start of their careers within our industry. Rest assured that we’ll continue to add in any of (y)our aspirations to make this event even more successful.


There are so many things that we all want to achieve in our lives and on Bjorn’s bucket list he has a few things he is enthusiastic about achieving. Seeing the northern lights in Lapland, shark-cage diving in South Africa, and starting a vineyard in Italy. If Bjorn could go back in time and give his younger self some advice, it would be: “Don’t forget to enjoy the moment you’re in”.