Technical Briefing EMCup Online 2021

Welcome aboard! 

Dear Industry Partner,

Thank you for joining us during the online EMCup – Meet the Future networking event. We are looking forward to seeing you behind the screens. Please read carefully through this briefing to get acquainted with the programme and the Zoom environment that we will be using. 

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. 

See you on May 10th!

Kind regards,
EMCup organisation


09.30 Rehearsal break-out rooms
09.55 Break
10.00 Welcome + kick-off
10.05 Opening
10.15 Meeting round 1
10.45 First top 3 team video
10.50 Keynote speaker
11.10 Break
11.15 Second top 3 team video
11.20 Meeting round 2
11.50 Third top 3 team video
11.55 Meeting round 3
12.25 Regroup in Zoom aula for the vote of the winner top 3 videos
12.30 Announcement of winner
12.40 End of online event

Rehearsal break-out rooms

We kindly ask all of our industry partners to join us half an hour before the kick-off, at 09.30, to test the break-out rooms and make each representative a co-host. This will enable you to have a bit more control regarding the break-out room when it comes to letting students enter the room, sharing your screen, recording the session, and muting participants.  

The Zoom environment will be accessible via the following link:

Meeting ID: 202 100 5010

Passcode: EMCup2021

For further information regarding Zoom, please see ‘How does Zoom work’ further into this briefing. 

Meeting rounds

Each representative will have his/her own break-out room. This room will be named as follows: COMPANY NAME + FIRST NAME REPRESENTATIVE. During the rehearsal before the kick-off, we will make each representative a co-host for that specific break-out room and we will test it.

The students are matched to one representative per round. The schedule has been shared with you, as well as the students CV’s. 

If you would like to receive any other students CV, this is possible. Please send an e-mail to with the names of the students in question. 


A total of 58 students are participating in the online event. When not in a meeting round, we all come together in the Zoom aula.

Top 3 team video’s

When you are not in a breakout session with the students, we are all together in the Zoom aula. Here we will share the top 3 team videos in between rounds. Please pay attention to these videos and if necessary take notes as you will be asked to cast a vote at the end of the event to choose a winner.  The students received certain criteria regarding the video which were as follows:
“Give advice on what your generation expects from a job in hospitality and what an employer should do to convince you to go work for them? How can companies be ensured to attract the best talents? How can they reach and approach you best?”

The winner will be announced shortly after the vote casting. 

How to prepare?

  • Use a laptop or pc with camera (no mobile phone)
  • Install Zoom on your laptop or pc: (see ‘How does Zoom work?’)
  • Have a good and reliable internet connection (preferably cable instead of WiFi)
  • Work in a room with no background noise
  • Make sure you have no light coming from behind you, this will obstruct your visibility
  • Use a headphone or earphones
  • Make sure your background is as clear and simple as possible
  • Use your actual first name and last name when logging in so we know who you are
  • Please enable your video when you join the Zoom meeting
  • Please mute yourself when you join the Zoom meeting
  • When you have a question, please make use of the “raise hand” button and chat function

How does Zoom work?

Click here for a short video how to use Zoom on a Windows device.
Click here for a short video how to use Zoom on a Mac device.
Click here for a short video how to use Zoom with the use of a browser.

Zoom can be visited with a browser, but we would prefer you download it.

Help & Support

If you encounter any issues with logging into the Zoom meeting or the break-out rooms, before or during the event, please contact John Welzen who will be available during the whole programme. 

John Welzen
0031 (0)6 5081 1060

The EMCup organisation will also be available for you if needed, on the following phone numbers:
Céline van den Boorn – 0031 (0)6 21 69 66 02
Stephanie Cleven – 0031 (0)6 133 783 60