One thing is 100% sure: Charles van Goch is born with entrepreneurship and networking in his blood. A graduate from the Hotel Management School Maastricht in 1994, he did not waste any time and kickstarted Mise en Place, a company that grew very rapidly into an international business. 

Always keep looking forward

Charles, or Charly as he likes to be called, has one important life motto: “It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do with it.
Always look ahead and do not let a bump in the road keep you from going on. Where intention goes, energy flows. According to Charly, you should “put energy in making friends and creating synergy” because those friends will end up helping you and standing next to you when times get harder.

EMCup kick-off

Charly is the creator and founder of the EMCup competition. He is proud of what the event has become and how it has grown and improved during the past few years. He loves the atmosphere of the competition, the friendships that come out of it and the connections that are made during the two days. So many interesting people come together. The EMCup is a success which Charly wants to keep alive as long as possible.

Personal notes

When having a bad day, Charly tries to just ignore it. He focusses on the easier tasks until he gets back in the flow again. “You need to create a flow. So, if the start of the day is not great, you just have to change the flow for yourself. Good things will automatically follow then.
To stay motivated and keep his flow going, Charly is thankful every day when he wakes up. He thinks of his good health and great relationships which makes his day a good day.
Next to running his business and his many responsibilities, Charly has two points on top of his bucket list: visiting Japan and diving at the Galapagos islands. Now that the Covid-19 restrictions are getting softened, this may happen soon!
We also asked Charly what tip he would give his younger self: “Invest in people and relationships, and not in business plans or so-called top jobs with high payments, go for the good feeling you have with a person not a company.

Charly is, of course, not all alone in the EMCup Advisory Council and the next member – Floris Drabbe – will be introduced to you soon. Stay tuned!