Christian graduated from the Glion Hotel Management School in 1979. Furthermore, in 2011, he also completed his Master’s Degree in Applied Educational Leadership and Management at the University of London. After he graduated from Glion, he became General Manager within IHG where he travelled between several InterContinental Hotels like London, Athens and Washington. After about 26 years at IHG, Christian got an interest for education so he started as CEO of Glion and now he is Industry Relations and International Relationships Manager at BUAS.

A good work and private life balance

For Christian, it is important to keep a steady and good balance between private life and professional life. “There is no need to try too hard.” Private life should not be hindered by work. Therefore, on the top of his bucket list stands “keep diving as often as possible“. There should be time for hobbies next to work. Next to that, Christian likes to stay positive and lets bad days not get the best of him. After all, “it is just that, and no more. One bad day.

Getting involved in the EMCup

Christian got involved in the EMCup through the shared the connection with BUAS – Breda University of Apllied Sciences. What makes the EMCup so special to him is “the joining together of 200+ students from various countries and cultures.” The international aspect of the competition days is amazing. Of course, the energy that comes with the EMCup should not be forgotten. It is unique, it feels familiar, happy, and welcoming. “Keep it going!” as Christian said.

A tip for back in the days

When asking Christian what tip he would give his younger self, he gave a brief and simple answer: “Make the most of the opportunities when they come. Take a few calculated risks.” In other words, do not overthink too much, but do not jump in with both feet without taking into consideration the basics.

We have a few more Advisory Council members to be introduced next to Christian. The next one will be Björn from Hilton Hotels. Stay tuned!