Preparation for the Industry Partners; EMCup online – Meet the Future



For the students to get a good overview of the companies and their representatives, we ask you to make a video of 30 seconds. 

Please tell us something about yourself and the company you work for. As a hospitality professional, we think you can offer some words of wisdom; Maybe you can give the students advice or you have some tips and tricks to share about networking.  

This video will be shared with the students prior to the event, allowing them to get acquainted with you and your companies. This will make it easier for them to decide who they want to speeddate with on Monday May 10th. Please take into consideration that this will not be one-to-one conversations; Depending on the number of participants (both students and hospitality professionals), you will be evenly divided.


Video criteria:

  • It should be no longer than 30 seconds
  • All communication should be done in English
  • The video may be done in “vlog” style or filmed by someone else
  • The video should be sent as an MP4-file via wetransfer tor

We kindly ask you to send this video before Wednesday April 7th.