’EMCup Online – Meet the Future’ Preparations

What do you need to prepare? And what will it be used for?


We kindly ask you to send in a resume to inform us and the Industry Professionals involved what you are looking for. To get an even better understanding of you and your wishes, we have come up with a short survey. Here you can find the survey.



As you are the future of our industry, we ask you – together with your EMCup 2021 teammates – to give advice on what your generation expects from a job in hospitality and what an employer should do to convince you to go work for them? How can companies be ensured to attract the best talents? How can they reach and approach you best?

Be creative. Be original. Be funny. Be innovative. Be smart. Be bold. Be different. Be yourself. Be unique. Be playful.

We only have two requirements, which must be incorporated in the video: Show us who you are and share your vision on the theme of this online edition of the EMCup: ‘Meet the Future’.

 Video criteria:

  • One video per school is accepted as this is a team/group assignment
  • Make sure your school’s logo is visible throughout the video
  • All communication should be done in English
  • The video needs to be recorded in “Landscape” mode
  • The video may not exceed the duration of 1 minute (All the seconds after 1 minute will be cut by the organisation)
  • The video should be sent as an MP4-file via wetransfer tor organisation@emcup.eu

These videos will be shared with the EMCup Advisory Council who will help to select a Top 3. On Monday May 10th, we will reveal the Top 3 and vote during the live stream amongst all participants will take place to select the winner. Of course the winning team will also get a nice prize.

Additionally all movies will be used in the communications towards the Business Jury for the EMCup 2022.



Both your CV and video need to be handed in no later than Wednesday April 7th 2021.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. 

Warm Regards, 

Ruben Westerhof 

EMCup organisation