Gil has an interesting life motto: “I look only at the good qualities of others. I am not faultless myself, therefore I will not probe into the faults of others.”  He decided in 2019 to start the Talent Network where he leveraged his experience and network to help organisations find and develop talents in the field of customer engagement, leadership and sales. He connects amazing talents with organisations that need them.

Hospitality runs in his blood

Gil graduated in 1994 from not only the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, but also from the University of Brussels in Belgium, where he studied Political Sciences & International Relations. He went through a series of different hospitality related jobs for a variety of large hotel groups. He was a Guest Relations Executive for Hilton, then a Reception Manager at QMH UK Limited, followed by Front Desk Manager at Crowne Plaza Brussels. Finally, he settled at IHG for 16 years as Director Learning & Training Delivery Europe and then Head of Learning before starting his current company, the Talent Network. Gil got involved in the EMCup when he was Head of Learning for IHG and in charge of the Graduate Programmes.

Happiness and gratefulness are key

Whenever he has a bad day, Gil just counts his blessings; “I have so much to be grateful for.” So, in order to motivate himself, especially those kind of days, he tells himself: “My aim today is to make someone happy, whether with just a smile, a note, an email or playtime with the dog.
We asked Gil what tip he would give his younger self. He said: “Life is not a race, you have time to grow at your own pace.”

The EMCup’s energy

The EMCup is very energetic. Gil noticed that immediately and likes it a lot. The EMCup is very special. “The realisation that the energy and passion for hospitality is very much alive in the next generations” makes it such a special event to him. Next step for the EMCup according to Gil? “Duplicate this event everywhere in the world!

Gil has a few more fellow Advisory Council members and the next one will be introduced to you soon. Stay tuned!