Please meet Peter Ducker, a hospitality enthusiast with 30+ years experience in the hospitality industry. Peter graduated from Oxford Polytechnic, currently known as Oxford Brookes, (class of 1974) with a degree in hotel management. Since then, Peter has been fortunate in becoming chief executive of the Institute of Hospitality. During Peter’s endeavours he worked closely with both businesses and hotel schools and somewhere in between, managed to meet and connect with Charles Van Goch. 

EMCup’s Impact on the next generation

The EMCup is going into its 14th year and has welcomed so many amazing students that are future entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the making. Peter expresses that the reason why he feels the EMCup is a must-go event is because It channels so much energy, the competitiveness and enthusiasm from the students, their energy, it revs me up. I delight in seeing the passionate talented students at the very start of their great hospitality adventure (although it is tinged with jealousy!!)”. The 2020 EMCup edition was just before Europe announced its national lockdown and Peter stated“I see the upcoming cup as a goodbye and farewell to the pandemic that drained so much energy from the world”.

“The best motivation is self motivation”

When it comes to motivation Peter reminds us to, “always believe that tomorrow will be a better day”. Peter also says “self motivation has never been a problem for him”, adding, “I’ve always worked in great teams, and have close family and good friends. So every day is worth looking forward to”. It’s important that you keep a healthy circle around you that way self motivation becomes less of a task and more of a habit. If I had one thing I could say to my younger self it would be ‘to stay positive and learn from your mistakes’. Ending on a positive note, at the top of Peters bucket list is, to visit the parts of the Far East he hasn’t been to yet.  

Peter’s Life Motto:

“Better to try and fail than to fail to try”.