Stephanie went to the Hotel Management School NHL Stenden which she graduated from in 2011. Recently, she went back into the student status to complete an MBA at Nyenrode Business University. How impressive! Her life motto is that “it always seems impossible until it is done”. People are much more capable than they think.
In May, Stephanie started as an Industry Relations Office at Stenden, to add to her already impressive curriculum as chairman of HotelloTOP, initiator of the EMCup, owner of ESVANO, and years at Servicecenter 4Hospitality, the organisation behind the EMCup.


The start of the EMCup

Stephanie started as a Project Manager at Servicecenter 4Hospitality. This is the first contact point she had with the EMCup competition. She continued to be involved as she moved to the position of Office Manager. Then, years later, she became the chairman of HotelloTOP in 2017. This was a more “visible” role during the competition because HotelloTOP is the initiator of the competition. Up until this day, Stephanie still enjoys this position and keeps on being involved and enthusiastic each edition. 

The EMCup competition is a very special event

The EMCup is a great mix of energies and emotions according to Stephanie. “The  enthusiasm of the students, the cheerful support of their coaches, and the sincere interest and excitement of our industry partners are great. The combination of these three elements makes the EMCup a magical event!” She loves the general energy and positivity around the EMCup, and enjoys to see how every edition evolved and grew to what it is today. 

EMCup dreams & aspirations

“I am really proud of how many connections we’ve been able to make in the past years, because that’s what the EMCup is really about: connection, not competition. I would love to find a way to keep following those connections and to truly build an EMCup alumni community. Let your network do the talking!”

Stephanie is one of our many Advisory Council members. The next one is Arie van der Spek and he will be introduced to you soon. Stay tuned!