International University of Apllied Sciences (IUBH) wins Online European Mise en Place Cup 2021

The online edition of the European Mise en place Cup (EMCup) took place on Monday May 10th via Zoom. This edition revolved around the theme “Meet the Future”. The winner of the team videos for the EMCup 2021 is the International University of Applied Sciences from Germany, followed by the Hotel Management School NHL Stenden from the Netherlands and Shannon College of Hotel Mangement from Ireland. The winners left 11 other schools behind them. 57 students participated during an exciting online networking event where students got the chance to speak to industry professionals.

EMCup 2021

14 reputable international Hotel Management Schools, from 10 different European countries participated in the online edition of the European Mise en Place Cup. They gathered on Zoom to give students the opportunity to broaden their international network en to give industry professionals the opportunity to “Meet the Future“.  Hotel Management Schools play an essential role in the development of the industry, as they educate the industry leaders of the future. This is why we came up with the networking event idea; to connect the future leaders with current leaders.

Competition for the best team video

The students received an assignment from us several weeks before the event. They were asked to make a team video. As they are the future of our industry, we asked them to give advice on what their generation expects from a job in hospitality, what employers should do to convince them to work for them and how companies can be ensured to attract the best talents.

The Advisory Council selected a top 3 before the event which were team Stenden, team Shannon, and team IUBH.

Meet people and build a network is key

One of the highlights on the online event was a carousel of three meeting rounds. Each round, the students were paired with a different industry professional, coaching them in exploring their career opportunities.

Winner 2021

At the end of the online event, participants got to choose their favourite of the top 3. It was a close call, but a winner came out of the vote which was the International University of Applied Sciences (IUBH) from Germany.

The team won an overnight stay at a Hilton hotel in Germany, including breakfast.