Hotel Management School NHL Stenden wins European Mise en Place Cup 2022

The 14th European Mise en Place Cup (EMCup) was held on Sunday, April 24th and Monday, April 25th. The theme of this edition was "Intrapreneurship" - the salvation of our hospitality DNA. The Hotel Management School NHL Stenden won the EMCup 2022, followed by Saxion Hogeschool from the Netherlands and The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management from Dubai. The winners were followed by 25 additional schools. 126 students took part in an exciting two-day networking event where they had the opportunity to speak with and impress industry leaders.

EMCup 2022

The 2022 European Mise en Place Cup featured 28 respected international Hotel Management Schools from 13 different European nations. They convened in Maastricht for two days. Students were given the opportunity to develop their international network while also providing industry professionals with the opportunity to potentially recruit them. Hotel Management Schools play an important part in the industry’s development since they educate the industry’s future leaders. This is why we devised the networking event concept: to link potential leaders with present leaders.


The competition consists of two phases. The first phase is the pre-competition in which students prepare themselves for the competition days. The second phase are the competition days in Maastricht, in which students compete against each other during their pitches, in the debates and final pitches. The second phase also gives the opportunity to network with the Business Jury.

Meet people and build a network is key

The two competition days are different
from each other. Day 1 is about getting
familiar with everyone and to network. The
students get to know how to pitch, will
talk with the business jury and will get to
know the other students. The second day
is the day where the students show their
pitching skills. During this day the real
competition sets off and students pitch
their idea and compete for the first place.
In the end, the main aim of these days and
the competition is to network and get the
best out of yourself.