European Mise en Place Cup

The EMCup is the annual competition between the best European Hospitality Management Schools that takes place in Maastricht. In 2025, we welcomed you on Sunday, February 9 and Monday, February 10 for the 17th edition of the EMCup.

The competition, an initiative of HotelloTOP and co-creators Mise en Place & HRC International , was founded in 2009. Over the years, this prestigious competition has grown into one of the most important competitions of the European Hotel Schools. And as former participants will tell you, it is much more than a competition. The EMCup not only encourages students to think outside the box by proposing real-life scenarios, it is also offering the perfect opportunity to meet and discuss ideas with professionals, as well as build relationships with them.



With the goal being to ‘bridge the gap between hospitality talents and the industry, by providing a platform filled with networking and collaboration opportunities, the EMCup has developed to become the greatest yearly competition among Hospitality Management Schools.

This challenge is intended for I-do-dare students who can distinguish themselves in this competition by presenting their vision and ideas. With every assignment, students are challenged to think outside the box on a real life topic. They get to develop their skills with critical thinking, collaborative learning, thereby challenging themselves to be the best version they can be.

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WELL-BEING – A business imperative


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