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HotelloTOP is the networking organisation for students and alumni of the (inter)national Hotel Management Schools in The Netherlands. The one thing that differentiates Hotello’s, and for which they are constantly recognized and praised, is their set of core values: The Hotello is hospitable, optimistic, energetic, socially skilled, inventive, pragmatic, ambitious and has a strong work ethic.



Mise en Place has been a leader in the hospitality sector since 1994, training and supplying short-term project staff to the top of the industry. Our projects range from sending a single person for a single shift to sending hundreds for multiple days. Our clients can be found amongst many areas of hospitality: haute cuisine restaurants, caterers, hotels, conference centers and event planners all receive attention tailored to their specific needs. Our personalized service and extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry allows our project specialists to partner with you on an equal footing. A proper preparation begins with the right people. All our staff are well trained, qualified, enthusiastic specialists in various fields within the hospitality industry. With a pool of over 5,500 employees across the world, we can comfortably handle even many of the largest international events.



We’re in the global business of connecting the best possible employers with the best possible employees in the hospitality industry. We achieve this by establishing long-lasting relationships and never putting profits before people. In doing so, we rank among the world’s leaders in international hospitality training and career development.



Servicecenter 4Hospitality manages and supports a variety of international networks and events for companies and professionals that are active in the European hospitality industry. Via a variety of labels and initiatives, we continuously strive to improve and connect the industry by offering likeminded professionals the opportunity to exchange ideas, be connected, do business and share knowledge.

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