To participate in the EMCup, the following criteria have to be met:

  • The school educates students for a Bachelor degree
  • The school is located in Europe
  • The school participates with maximum one team, consisting of minimum 4 and maximum 5 students and 1 or 2 coaches
  • Students are not allowed to participate in the competition more than once


The competition consists of several assignments, some of them are pre-assignments which have to be completed prior to the competition days and others will be assessed during the competition days itself. All assignments are assessed by the Business Jury which are professionals of the hospitality industry. In the overview you will see the procedure of judging throughout the whole competition.



To provide a high quality programme, a maximum of 36 schools can participate in the EMCup. Admission takes place on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Hosting city

We invite you to Maastricht! A truly European city, known around the world for its hospitable character. Not only was the important ‘’Treaty of Maastricht’’ signed here in 1992, the city itself is located in at international crossroads and cities as Brussels Liège, Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf are within an hour’s journey.

Location competition

We welcome you to the Hotel Management School Maastricht to open the EMCup and start the competition. The competition will continue in MECC Maastricht. Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre is the perfect location for a professional competition. Here, all teams will compete with each other to become the winner of the EMCup.

Hospitable stay

A hospitable stay is important in order to achieve the best result in this competition. The Student Hotel Maastricht and NH Maastricht will comfort all students for a two night stay including breakfast from Sunday the 13th to Monday the 14th of February and from Monday the 14th to Tuesday the 15th of February. This to make sure you can leave Maastricht with a satisfied and rested feeling. The room division will be made by the organization based on gender.

Coaches & Business Jury

For the coaches and business jury members a stay at the Hotel NH Maastricht is provided. The hotel is right next to the MECC.


For each participant in the EMCup we ask for a participation fee of €250,-, which includes the following:

  • Two overnight stays in a hotel, including breakfast, from Sunday the 13th to Tuesday the 15th of February 2022.

Students will be sharing double or triple rooms. One room per coach is available.

  • Transport during the official EMCup programme.
  • Food & Beverage during the official EMCup programme.

Possible other costs

As usual, transport to and from Maastricht has to be organised and paid by the participating team itself. Pre- and post-nights are not included, but special requests can be taken care of by the EMCup organisation.


Pre-competition phase

Prior to the competition days, each team has to prepare multiple assignments. Two of these are included in the official judging and compose 35% of the team’s total score. Below you will see all the assignments of the competition.

Assignment 1 – Rumour around the Brand

The schools have to promote their school, their team and the EMCup, by creating ‘rumour around the brand’ via social media. The organisation will collect all the promotion material online and will judge all teams. Weight: 10%

Assignment 2A – Academic Paper

Each team has to write an academic paper of maximum 5 pages, related to the theme of the competition. These papers will be assessed by the jury members prior to the competition days. Each paper is assessed by at least 3 members of the business jury. Weight: 25%

Additional assignments

In addition to the two official assignments, each team has to prepare a creative introduction movie (max. 1 minute) and a creative team photo, each student has to create their personal resume and all team members have to fill out the ‘MapsTell questionnaire’ which will be used during the competition days. These three assignments are not included in the official grading, but are important for the overall programme.

Competition Days

The first competition day is all about getting to know each other, and has networking as key component. During this day you will get to know all the students and business jury members in a informal setting. An interactive training by Q-staff will optimally prepare all participants for the next day, when the participants start the competitive part of the competition and receive the rest of the assignments.

Assignment 2B – Pitch Academic Paper

Each team pitches the findings of their academic paper (assignment 2A) during a pitch of maximum 3 minutes, in front of the business jury. Each team is divided in a jury room together with 3 or 4 other teams and have to convince the business jury about their Academic Paper. Weight: 15%

Assignment 3 – Case

Each team receives a case to solve, related to the theme of the competition. After preparing their presentation, they are pitching their findings in front of the business jury. This is the second moment to see and convince the business jury in the jury room. Weight: 50%

Knock-out phase – Debate Round

Based on the grading of assignments 1, 2A, 2B and 3, the two best performing teams per jury room will go on to the Knock-Out Phase. This means that in every jury room there will be a winner and second place. These two get mixed up with all winners and second teams of all jury rooms and get on stage during a Debate Round. In the Debate Round only the top 16 will compete. Every Debate Round two teams will debate about a topic which is in contact with the theme.


The winner of every Debate Round goes to the Finals. The 8 teams that have survived the Knock-Out Phase will receive the final assignment, Assignment 4, which they have to pitch in front of all the business jury members and the other teams and coaches. The Finals count for 50% of the final score. The final score is build up from two scores, the score from assignment 1-3 counts for 50% and the final score counts for 50%.


Do you want to broaden your horizon and expand your international network? Then the EMCup is the perfect opportunity!