This roadmap is designed to provide you with a clear idea of the timeline for our competition. It includes key information such as the release dates for assignments and the deadlines for both students and Business Jury members (highlighted in teal). By offering this level of transparency, we hope to give you a better understanding of what to expect throughout the competition period and when you need to be mindful of specific tasks.

Are you curious about how assignments are graded and the overall procedure? Then check out this document!


May 1

Registration is open!

You can already register your participation in EMCup 2025 without having a team in place.

register here

October 18

Registration is closing

By now, your team should be complete and ready to rock!

Please use your google-form link (sent to you after registering) to add or edit your team’s details at any moment.

October 30

Reveal of the participating schools

Kick-off of the Pre-Competition with the teams receiving their Pre-Assignments



November 4

Start Pre-assignments

November 15

Deadline Instagram Reel

December 6

Deadline MyTalentBoard scan

December 13

Deadline Whitepaper

Start grading Whitepaper Business Jury

Competition Days


The new tool for you!

Assignment 1B
Pitch whitepaper

Interactive Networking Moment
Getting to know each other

Additional assignment


Interactive networking session
Broaden your network

Assignment 2 A&B
Pitch cases


Pitch in the Dragons’ Den
By finalists

Award Dinner

Announcing all winners

After the EMCup competition, don’t forget to add all your connections and Rock On. All teams will also receive extensive feedback reports from all assignments and pitches performed throughout the EMCup.