EMCUP 2023

Tradition vs Trend


February 12th & 13th 2023 – 15th edition | Maastricht (NL)

If there ever was a time for a transformation of our hospitality industry, this is it. We are at a crossroads: trends are emerging at an accelerated pace, but are we ready to take a critical look at our traditions?

Inevitable developments such as hyper personalisation have technology at their core, to meet the ever changing needs and preferences of guests and employees. Besides sustainability, inclusivity is key, allowing for recognition and individual attention; creating a work environment where all people are truly welcomed, valued and respected.

Simultaneously, we deliver service that is built upon tradition: check-in is at 3 PM, turndown service leaves a mint on your pillow and towels on the floor is a sign for housekeeping that you want them replaced.

Traditions and trends can be conflicting, but the reality is that we need them both. We need to find the balance between implementing trends, allowing us to redefine the hospitality landscape, and sticking to traditions, providing comfort and belonging.

To be ready for the future, we need to determine: Which traditions should be preserved and which new ideas should be incorporated to strengthen our industry? Is the hospitality industry ready to #breakthemould?